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Residencia Cesmeli Konak Descripción

At the heart of nature and history?
Çe?meli Konak!

Çe?meli Konak of Alt?noluk Village became alive in experienced hands. Çe?meli Konak was restorated and turned into a 9 roomed boutique hotel. The old mansion is open to everyone who wants to share the well-known atmosphere of the region.

Mount Ida is green in every season. The region is covered with olive trees and pine trees and at the tops there are larch trees and oak trees. Not only these trees of course, the Mediterranean flora is dominant in these lands. Alt?noluk village is builded on the slopes of Mountain Ida which sees Aegean Sea and is just in the middle of this beautiful nature. In past, the village has hosted different cultures but today it is a typical Turkish village with stone houses, rough cobblestone pavements, fountains and mansions. The historical structure of Alt?noluk village is unfortunately damaged till today and one of the few architectural examples that could survive is Çe?meli Konak.

Çe?meli Konak is nominated by the fountain which is on the garden wall. The story of Çe?meli Konak shows one period of the village; In 1850?s a merchant from Mytilene comes to the village to buy the best olive and olive oil and falls in love with the most beautiful girl of the village. The father of the girl is unwilling, he points out one of the beautiful mansions and says ?If you can build a mansion like this I will let you marry my daughter.? After that with the experienced workers coming from Mytilene, the mansion was builded in a short time. The owner of the mansion today, Tufan Atalayman says ?The mansion was builded in a hurry to catch the wedding day, this can be seen better especially from the ceiling ornaments.? Today there is not any sign from the first owners of Çe?meli Konak, the building was mishandled for long years, the wooden and stone parts were damaged with the earthquakes. Eventhough its roof was falling down because of the rain, it sheltered 3 families.

The restoration of the old mansion, which has a wonderfull view of Mytilene, Ayval?k and Gulf of Edremit, first started as personal residence but in a short time turned into 9-roomed boutique hotel project. ?There was a gorgeous value that should be shared with people. We worked with architect Ernur Kalender, took the necessary permissions and finished the restoration in one year? says Tufan Atalayman. Everything that could survive and reach today has been fixed and strengthen and decorated according to the original. All the chopping and doors of the mansion have been prepared in Ernur Kalender?s workshop in Istanbul. For interior decoration, the furnitures were all bought from the antique dealers in Çukurcuma, Istanbul. The charecteristic of each room was considered one by one and the furnitures were selected according to this. Chairs, armchairs, wardrobes, tables, mirrors, radios, telephones, chandeliers, calculators and music boxes?All of them were prepared and repaired by the same experienced hands in Çukurcuma.

After a long and attentive preperation, Çe?meli Konak was opened in July 2005. The mansion presents you ?comfort? in a ?home? atmosphere. The owner and manager of Çe?meli Konak Tufan Atalayman says: ?After we opened the mansion, the people in the village started to restorate the other mansions too. They will be turned into either museums or tourictic establishments. This makes us very glad.?

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